Providing a full spectrum of services

PAX offers all of the following for your independent evaluation needs:

PAX provides a full spectrum of services to meet the needs of our clients. We reduce the administrative strain by providing a variety of customized services to help streamline the claims process. When you partner with PAX, our professional staff will assist you in selecting and specifying those services that best meet your needs. 


Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)

  An Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) is an objective medical assessment performed by an approved physician. An IME addresses specific questions and includes a complete review of records, patient history and physical examination. The IME can provide a defensible medical opinion to aid in resolving difficult claim questions. 

Panel/Group Evaluation


A Panel/Group Evaluation is an IME when 2 or more physician specialists are required to address multiple body parts or diagnoses. 

Impairment Ratings

Permanent impairment ratings bring logic and quantifiable metrics to a medical claim, assessing a patient’s physical loss to the body. Our team delivers an accurate report that sheds light on the level of impairment, allowing your team to deliver the best resolution for the claim.

Medical File Review


Medical file reviews are comprehensive, cost-efficient reviews of medical records performed by an appropriate medical specialist to assess the current medical status of a claim. 

Second Opinion

Second opinions are utilized when another opinion is sought to help clarify specific questions about the current
course of medical treatment or recommended treatment/testing. 

Functional Capacity Evaluation Coordination

 A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) quantitatively defines an individual’s current function level. This comprehensive testing uses objectively gathered data to assess and determine function that is safe, reliable and defensible. 

Value Added Services:


  • Complete referral intake
  • Timely communication with the referring party throughout the process 
  • Onsite copy service, collection, preparation of medical records
  • Review of medical and case file for appropriate specialty recommendations
  • Physician selection & recommendations
  • Expedite appointment times
  • Appointment scheduling and notification letters to all parties
  • Coordination of scheduling with all interested parties
  • Travel, interpretive service, ground transportation and lodging coordination
  • Delivery of all medical records and diagnostics to physicians prior to scheduled evaluation
  • Examinee reminder calls
  • Attendance confirmation
  • Quality review and delivery of the final report
  • Quick turnaround time of reports
  • Coordination of any recommended supplemental diagnostics and/or reports
  • Coordination of any addendum requests